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Work @ Shekinah Ranch Camp

Summer Positions

-Must have a deep and personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.
-Love working with children and youth
-Lots of energy and passion for adventure!

*All positions are a full summer commitment from JUNE 9TH-AUGUST 9TH, 2019.

Please do not rule out employment with us because of a date conflict. Contact us to discuss your situation.



1. Minimum Age: 18 yrs or older

2. Ministry Summary: Cabin Leaders are directly responsible for care and supervision of up to 8 ranchers. CL’s are not baby sitters but spiritual leaders/mentors who conduct daily devotionals and small group Bible studies, and lead/participate in program activities, and strive to consistently live as a role model and example for other staff and ranchers. CL’s must be sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ, desiring to be pleasing to Him in action, word, and thought, and must have a meaningful devotional life.

3. Salary: $225.00 per week (may vary by experience)


1. Minimum Age: 21 yrs or older

2. Ministry Summary: The Discipleship Director must be a driven individual with a passion for youth/teen ministry, who works well on their own with little supervision. This position heads up the entire Discipleship 19:11 program, typically enrolled with 8-12 teenage young ladies. The Discipleship Director will be responsible for creating weekly schedules which balance the girl's time and responsibilities in the barn and around the campground, while also investing in their bible courses and free time. The Discipleship Director is expected to select a biblical study curriculum before the start of camp. This will serve as the material for their bible study time throughout the entire summer (at least three solid lessons per week), plus a nightly devotional. The Discipleship Director will be provided their own room in the Discipleship House; staying with the girls Sunday-Thursday evening. The Discipleship Director serves as a spiritual mentor; focused on Jesus Christ as the center of all direction and discipleship they administer to the girls.

3. Salary: $300 per week (may vary by experience)

CAMP COOK (Breakfast & Lunch)

1. Minimum Age: 25 yrs or older

2. Ministry Summary: The Breakfast and Lunch Cook's hours would be approximately 6:45 a.m. to 2 p.m, Monday-Friday. This individual would look after the preparation and clean-up of breakfast and lunch for 50-75 people, depending on the week of camp. Individuals applying for this position should have experience cooking in bulk. A menu will be provided; put together by the Camp Director, with input from the cook. This position requires a prompt individual, who can stay on their feet for hours at a time.

3. Salary: $10.00 per hour


1. Minimum Age: 21 yrs or older

2. Ministry Summary: The Day Camp Director must be a creative & "think on your feet" individual, with a passion for children's ministry. This individual would oversee the entire Day Camp program. This position is responsible for leading day camp 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, creating a weekly schedule, keeping an up-to-date roster of campers, daily activity preparation, tracking/ ordering Day Camp Supplies, and working with a Day Camp Assistant (typically a 19:11 Discipleship participant). The hours for this position include the open day camp hours (8am-5pm), as well as after hours preparation to create the schedule, update/create rosters, and plan activities. Housing and lunch & dinner are included (Director would be resonsbile for breakfast, before the start of Day Camp).

3. Salary: $350-400 per week (may vary by experience)


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