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Jory Peterson

Jory Peterson

Jory Peterson met and fell in love with Jesus at the ripe age of 13-years-old and immediately sensed an intense divine calling to become a minister. Her heart beats for evangelism, social justice, and empowering women & girls to become all that God created them to be; especially females God has called to Christian leadership.

By 27 years-old, Jory had earned an AA in Practical Theology, a BS in Church Ministries & an MA in Christian Doctrine & Church History. At Regent University’s School of Divinity, Jory graduated with honors and wrote her master’s thesis on female leadership within the first two centuries of the early church.

Throughout Jory’s ministry career, she has traveled the world doing missions work and even “followed the footsteps of Apostle Paul” throughout Italy. Jory has taught Kindergarten through college at various private Christian schools; everything thing from “1+1” to systematic theology. Jory has also served as a children’s & youth pastor, which led her to becoming a professional writer & speaker on behalf of Christian female leaders at the end of 2014. Jory has passionately dedicated the last four years of her life to countless hours in what she would describe as her “wilderness”; crying out for women and girls to be treated justly in the Church and throughout the world.

One year ago, Jory birthed her newest “baby;” a “coffee tour” ministry, where she and her husband travel nationally to local coffee shops for “highly caffeinated” theological conversation and intimate encouragement. Jory believes with all of her heart that Jesus, her first love, treated women & girls with radical love, inclusion, respect, empowerment & equality; because that’s exactly how He has treated her (and continues to treat her) since they met 21 years ago. That’s also how her “second love,” Luke, has treated her since they married in 2009.

Jory has an amazing husband who has been the rock of her life and ministry. As a natural born leader, Jory relies heavily on Luke as a natural born manager & teacher, who works as a tech consultant at Tyler Technologies. The two always stick together in everything, especially as looked to examples of ministerial & marriage leadership.

Jory & Luke love horses and all animals; and they especially love ministering to girls and young women, so they could not be more excited to spend the summer on a ranch caring for God’s special creatures and sharing the life-changing love of Christ with every girl they’re entrusted with this season.

Please feel free to contact Jory anytime at with any questions or concerns. She is here for you and your teen, and warmly welcomes open communication.